Kenya aviation news – KAA CEO faces ‘contempt of court’ charges over destruction of homes

Institutional arrogance and contempt for the people whose lives dreams he helped destroy two weeks ago when demolition teams wrecked hundreds of homes worth hundreds of millions of Kenya Shillings, are likely to claim the first victim, as the Managing Director of the Kenya Airports Authority by some now called the damaging director will face contempt of court charges.
The High Court in Nairobi had issued orders back in September, preventing any demolition of residences and properties on what is clearly disputed land, claimed by developers as well as the KAA, which incidentally stood by idle while these developments and construction were ongoing, but the Provincial Administration with heavily armed forces shielded the bulldozer teams and opted to disregard court orders.
If found guilty of such contempt of court charges, Mr. Stephen Gichuki could be facing more legal action to find him personally, but also the KAA liable for the damages, which could potentially bankrupt the Kenya Airport Authority, and him individually too, as the latest speculation is that combined damages might run into more than a billion Kenya Shillings. Whichever way the principal case is going though, which is to determine ownership, perceived ownership, possession and the legality of evictions, the barbaric destruction of hundreds of homes left a sour taste in the mouths of Kenyans and once again showed the arrogance and impunity of the Kenyan government when dealing with such issues, in the face of existing court orders. Watch this space as this unsavoury saga continues to raise political heat and fallout.