Kenya aviation news – KCAA commissions state of the art equipment

Following a 3.5 billion investment by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority was state of the art equipment commissioned at the countrys main airport, Jomo Kenyatta International Nairobi and Moi International Mombasa, giving the aviation fraternity the latest technology in airspace monitoring and communications with air traffic controllers.
Initially started in 2008 the upgrades and modernization is in line with ICAO recommendations, giving aircraft landing in or departing from key airports crucial information and greater clarity in VHF communications between the crews and the controllers.
Kenya is East Africas aviation powerhouse, with the most aircraft registered of any of the East African Community member states, reportedly over 1.050 as this report is filed, but also handling the largest volumes in passengers and aircargo, more than the rest of the region combined. The completion of the project was hailed by regular sources within the aviation fraternity.
In the meantime it was learned that Rwanda too has during the week commissioned a new air traffic control centre at Kanombe International Airport in Kigali, now being able to effectively monitor inbound and outbound traffic in compliance with international air transport safety standards. East Africa, a region clearly on the move, by air.