Kenya aviation news – Royal Jordanian heading to Nairobi

Information was received overnight that Kenya will soon see another airline making regular visits to Nairobi. Starting on 16th December will Royal Jordanian commence flights to the Kenyan capital Nairobi, initially 4 times a week every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with the respective return flights taking off from JKIA in the early hours of Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Royal Jordanian will be using an Airbus A319 on the route in a two class configuration. The new connection will open up further opportunities for trade and doing business between Jordan and Kenya, if not East Africa as a whole and will in turn allow also for visits to parts and areas of the Holy Land located in what today is the Kingdom of Jordan. Travelers using Royal Jordanian should use the opportunity to stop over in Amman and visit the ancient city of Petra and capture some of the history made in this part of the world.
This move is preceded by the launch of flights to Lagos which will commence on December 03rd, initially served twice a week using an Airbus A330. Happy Landings and welcome to the African skies.

4 Responses

  1. My oh my, the African skies are getting filled up. Hope JKIA can handle the increased traffic.
    Now what’s all this fuss about aviation tax that I keep on coming across, but have yet to grasp the significance of ?
    Hope it does not mean increased fares.

    1. It would mean higher fares as it will be the passengers to carry the financial burden, not the airlines … same as with the new taxes under the pretext of ‘eco’ in Europe and North America and Australia, which will only increase the cost of air travel while the proceeds will NOT go to environmental protection measures, nor to create more infrastructure for aviation or improve ATC …
      The airlines are becoming simply cash cows to milk by governments and the passengers will pay the price for it.

  2. Considering that i am frequent flier on this route,this is welcome move. However,Royal Jordanian is a very expensive airline:(