Kenya aviation news – Ultralight aircraft crashes at South Coast

News have emerged from the Kenyan coast that an ultralight aircraft, apparently used for a leisure flight at the South Coast of Mombasa, had crashed upon take off yesterday morning, injuring the pilot and killing the single passenger. It is understood from a source in Mombasa that the airstrip at Kinondo / Kwale District is mainly used for ultralight aircraft operations, allowing tourists to see their hotel from above during the short flights and get an aerial view of the coastline and the resorts along the beaches. In a report by Philip Mwakio of the Standard in Mombasa it was mentioned that the ultralight, supposed to take off after a short distance, apparently struggled to leave the ground, using the entire length of the strip before eventually crashing back to the ground.
The Kenya Civil Aviation authority is now investigating the air accident to establish the exact cause of the crash and vital information is expected to come from the surviving pilot of the craft when he has suitable recovered from his injuries. Added details and statements are expected also from eyewitnesses at the airstrip and the companys records on maintenance, training and other data kept.