Kenya aviation news – Yemenia reduces Nairobi flights to ONE only


It was confirmed overnight that Yemenia has cut its regular services from Sana to Nairobi to one only, as a result of less travel demand and an almost total disappearance of transit passengers, afraid to be stuck in Yemen should the situation deteriorate, making it impossible for onward flights to operates should crews and staff be unable to reach their work places due to unrest.

This is a similar scenario as seen early this year when Egypt Air was equally affected and transit passengers abandoned the airline in search of ‘safer connection hubs’, eventually leading to a wide spread cancellation of flights, which only now have started to resume pre-crisis levels.

An aviation source claiming to be ‘close’ to Yemenia in Nairobi also mentioned that other flights by Yemenia from Sana, like to Dubai, were also affected and that the financial survival of the airline was now under threat as passengers travelling via Yemen’s main airport and visitors to Yemen now stayed away from both airline and country as the troubles there continued.

Watch this space. 


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