Kenya breaking news – Grenade attack on bar leaves 14 injured, no details available on motives or perpetrators

Kenyans will be waking up to shock news that an apparent grenade attack on a local bar in Nairobi has left at least 14 injured, some of them seriously. The attack occurred around 3 a.m. when the bar was already closed but patrons inside continued to drink. Only recently was a controversial law passed in Kenya which prohibits after hour drinking and private club and bar owners have resorted to private parties to circumvent arrests, closures and license forfeitures.
While at this time of the night no one was available to give any official comment, other scribes on duty speculated openly on Twitter and other social media over both motive and perpetrators of the attack.
Al Shabab, Somalias best known Islamist terror and militia group, had threatened reprisals and revenge attacks in Kenya following the TGF sanctioned cross border operation by the Kenyan army, navy and air force and while security was visibly stepped up in rated hotels and resorts, businesses and office buildings, public places and restaurants, some of the smaller local establishments may have been slow in following recommendations by Kenyas security organs of how to improve safety. Last weekend had the American Embassy warned their citizens of an imminent and credible terror threat in Kenya, but the way these news were broken left official Kenya upset over the format though government was not denying that increased vigilance and surveillance was needed to prevent any incident.
Sketchy reports from Nairobi suggest that someone tried to enter the bar and when not successful threw the grenade inside before fleeing the scene. It is presently unknown if this was a simple criminal attack, based on business rivalries as has been the case before or else a terror attack carried out by Al Shabab sympathizers, although the haphazard way it was carried out could suggest that it was not done by a trained terrorist. Watch this space for updates.