Kenya breaking news – Mara Marathon ‘barred from venue’ according to land owners

In a stunning development it was learned overnight that the Kenya Airways sponsored Masai Mara Marathon might not take place on the 19th November as planned, since apparently the land owners have barred the route from crossing their land. Several of the directors of the landowning company made sweeping allegations over the marathon organizers not honouring their pledges made towards the Masai community and questions are now being asked if the race could be moved somewhere else, inspite of the very narrow timeframe now available to do so and get all the route material ready for the participants and observers.
The timing of the comments made and objections raised though has raised more questions than providing answers and the owners waited well beyond the date of no return for the organizers to raise their concerns which now smacks for many as a blatant attempt to extract money and other benefits for themselves rather than for the community they claim to speak for. Blackmail perhaps? Watch this space to learn in coming days if at all this major sporting event in Kenya does go ahead, under what terms and conditions or if it has to be pulled off, postponed or cancelled this year.