Kenya conservation news – Mbulia Conservancy launched on Tsavo West boundary

The Mbulia Group Ranch, located along the boundaries of Tsavo West National Park, has recently signed a long term agreement with New African Territories to turn 11.400 acres of their land into a wildlife conservancy on which a new tented eco lodge is being set up to cater for tourist visitors. Overwhelmingly a dry area the acreage proved to be of little value to either farming or livestock grazing but was home to significant numbers of wildlife, including elephant, which will now find a permanent home without competing over the scarce food sources with goats or cattle.
The deal was reportedly several years in the making with negotiations only concluded recently, and the new conservancy follows in the footsteps of such pioneers as Lewa Downs, Ol Pejeta and the Porini conservancies, to name but a few commercially successful ventures which have stood the test of time.
Work is presently underway by New African Territories to cut and open a direct access route through Tsavo West to the main Nairobi Mombasa highway, turning a hitherto little used track into their main access road some 13 kilometres off the tarmac. Expect information here when the safari camp is ready to receive guests
The team running the conservancy and camp are old hands said with no disrespect to the ladies and referring to their bushcraft rather than their true age – Tamsin Corcoran and Nana Grosse-Woodley, both of whom have extensive experience in hospitality and conservation operations with Nana in particular well acquainted with the Tsavo area. Watch this space.