Kenya conservation news – Ocean poachers nabbed near Malindi by KWS


Welcome news was received overnight from a source in Malindi that the rangers of the Kenya Wildlife Services’ marine division had managed to nab some notorious fish and turtle poachers a few days ago, after laying an ambush for them. Four culprits were arrested and will be produced in court today to be charged with a number of offenses while their illegal gear, including boat and spear guns were confiscated by KWS. The source mentioned that spear guns were in the past also used as weapons to avoid arrest and that the catch was a triumph of bravery and resolve by the KWS staff involved. Also recovered was a rare green sea turtle, an endangered species, which the poachers had hoped to sell for the meat. On the positive side it was also confirmed that a local NGO formed in the Malindi area, Watamu Turtle Watch, was set to create a private turtle sanctuary where the rare species often found in the crystal clear waters off the coast could find a safe habitat suitable also for reproduction. KWS is reportedly in regular contact with the NGO and the recently launched sea turtle management plan will be used to run the turtle sanctuary near Marereni.

Watch this space for future updates as and when available.



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