Kenya news update – Police announce first arrests, seize arms and explosives

The Kenya Police was able to give good news overnight that a first arrest has been made in connection with the ongoing search for the culprits in the dual grenade blasts, which have rocked Nairobis streets two days ago. I am not authorized to give official statements but can tell you that the arrest of a suspect led to a find of a weapons cache and grenades in his small apartment. We also have the identity of the person killed at the bus terminal incident and he has a criminal record for violent robbery which makes him a prime suspect in that grenade blast. The thing bounced off the bus window it was thrown at and it might have backfired on him this way but we are still investigating his movements and what he was up to before the incident. Right now we cannot confirm or rule out his complicity in the attack. For now, police searches are going on in Kenya, not just Nairobi or Mombasa and we are sure to find more suspects soon a referral source with connections to the security apparatus in Nairobi said last evening.
Kenyas capital enjoyed a quiet night, although bars and nyama choma joints, places where roast meet is served and which are hugely popular amongst Kenyans, were however said to have rather low business as wananchi hurried home from work trying to avoid crowded public places. Elsewhere have entrance check points been set up with walk through metal detectors and hand held scanners while briefcases and handbags are now routinely searched when entering government and private office buildings, restaurants and shopping malls, while hotels in addition search cars entering their perimeter. Airlines too have reportedly turned up the already high security measures a further notch to be sure of preventing incidents. Watch this space.