Kenya news update – Security stepped up across the country following troop deployments into Somalia

Information from Nairobi and Mombasa seems to indicate that following the countrys decision to go after the Al Shabab militants inside Somalia, which followed a series of hit and run attacks and abductions by the terrorist organization, internal security was stepped up and companies have been alerted to take added safeguards to protect their customers and staff. Al Shabab has already threatened retaliation against Kenya, similar to what they had threatened Uganda with last year for playing a major role in combating this devils brood in Mogadishu, and the twin bombing during last years FIFA World Cup final in Kampala show that there is only sharply increased vigilance and stepped up surveillance and counterintelligence which can prevent a repeat of such unspeakable crimes.
Kenyan troops are deep inside Somalia at present, creating not only a buffer zone between the main militia strongholds and the border, but also to mop up resistance, and overnight reports talk of up to 75 militants killed, though there is no word on any captures which could aid intelligence gathering on locations and enemy strength and assets.
Kenyas so called invasion has meanwhile been sanctioned by the Transitional Federal Government in Mogadishu, an added political bonus for Nairobi inspite of the hot pursuit being already legal under the UN Charter, which permits any country the right of self defense when being attacked.
It is expected that the African Union mission based in Mogadishu will also sooner rather than later get marching orders to pursue the militants and open up a second front on them, which will divide Al Shababs resources and open them up for airstrikes when they are forced into the open and onto the move.
Restaurants, hotels and resorts across Kenya, but also public places and leading companies have all stepped up entrance security now and large gatherings are being carefully monitored by security organs to assure the wananchi that all possible is being done to protect the general public, now that the country is at war. Gods speed and blessings to the Kenyan troops now in combat inside Somalia.