Kenya news update – Windpower plant in Turkana on course

The setting up of what will be Africas largest windpower farm in the Turkana area of the country, has been cited as a prime example of how the continent, hungry for electricity, can tap into renewable sources of energy like geothermal, solar and as shown here windpower, to produce electricity, reduce shortfall and help to advance rural electrification, a key element in fighting deforestation for woodfuels.
The new facility, one of two already licensed, known as Lake Turkana Wind Power Limited, is due to go online in the third quarter of 2012 and when all 353 turbines are installed in 2013 will produce an estimated 300 MW of electricity at unit costs much lower than presently seen through thermal generation with diesel and heavy fuel oil plants.
Kenyas plans to go renewable and sustainable have been hailed as a step in the right direction and other African countries have been urged by global energy experts to copy the model, research for available geothermal sources and create a map of suitable and available areas where solar and windpower installations can be placed, to attract investors in the sector.
An improved, and much lower carbon emission footprint, which goes along with the installation of renewable energy production sites, is also important for the marketing of the country as a green destination, a key decision factor for more and more travelers when deciding where they will spend their annual vacations.
Well done Kenya and timely indeed as the nation celebrates the 48th Independence Day on 12th December.