#Kenya – Rift Valley Adventures – Twenty One Years and counting


(Posted 22nd March 2023)



INDEED! It’s been twenty one years since we set up on the foothills of Mount Kenya! And since then we have wondered the globe from the rivers Down Under to the lush islands of Indonesia, but….

Kenya is home and always will be. For the past twenty years, we have built a foundation for outdoor adventure pursuits for adult groups and experiential learning for young people. We have consciously remained a small company that owns and operates our camps, our own equipment and made up of a core team of full time permanent internationally qualified instructors and operations team. This we believe has been part of our success and ensured we have been able to deliver safe trips by a passionate team who don’t just represent Rift Valley Adventures but are actually what makes our company.

We have been a bit quiet on the communications front since the all consuming covid pandemic but never stopped pursuing outdoor adventures even when we didn’t have any clients. We were very proud of the fact that we were able to keep our entire team together and under the RVA roof despite several months of no business and thankfully, as soon as people could travel again, camp was full of…happy adventurers once again!

We hope you will enjoy the rest of the newsletter and excited to open up set departures for one our favourite past times – mountain bike expeditions across the Laikpian plains and beyond as well as welcoming several new schools and some long time partners back to camp from Kenya and beyond…

Tu endelea!


We have launched our set departure dates for mountain bike expeditions. For more information on what’s on offer click HERE or contact us at info@riftvalleyadventures.com
We have been running tailored made school trips and expeditions across the world for over twenty years now but we love nothing better than taking a group of students across our home backyard in Laikipia, Kenya. Check out some highlights from our Young Environmentalist Program

MTB Tour du Laikipia

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Rock Climbing Training in Kenya

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