Kenya seeks to capitalize on the London Olympics by launching ‘Kenya House’ project

Kenya is seeking substantial publicity and exposure during the upcoming London Olympics, banking on the performance of their medium and long distance runners, as Brand Kenya is aiming to raise over 5 million US Dollars for a campaign co-sponsored by the Kenya Tourist Board, the Kenya Investment Authority, the Kenya Export Promotion Council and other national bodies with links to foreign trade.
Kenya has close trade links with the UK and is one of the Britains main foreign investment destinations in Africa and tourists from the UK to Kenya are amongst the leading nations in terms of arrival numbers.
Corporate sponsors are now being approached with the concept of a Kenya House during the July / August main Olympic Games and shortly afterwards the Paralympics which will extend the spotlight on the planned events into September. At the Kenya House will a series of events be showcasing Kenyan produce and products such as tea, coffee, flowers but also other exports like fruits and vegetables while highlighting investment opportunities in the energy sector, manufacturing, agro processing and of course the tourism industry.
The Kenya Tourist Board is expected to launch new promotional material, showing off not only the countrys best known attractions but also the newly opened tourists circuits in Western Kenya, while music, song, dance and poetry too will provide entertainment, highlighting the rich cultural variety of the country.
Kenyas National Olympic Committee has also thrown their weight behind the initiative, aimed to show Kenya from its sunniest side and capitalize on the world coming together in London this summer.
Watch this space for future updates.

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  1. The initiative was started by SACOMA, a London based charity…they were the ones with the idea, the websites/domain names etc. and own all the Kenya House 2012 IP rights…more details on how other interested parties now try to gain from other people’s good work to follow shortly…

  2. Dear Wolfganghthome,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, Although the London Olympic Stadium is still under construction, the competition for ownership and development the stadium after the 2012 Olympics has already begun. The stadium will be the showpiece for the games, which will host the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the athletic events, for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games
    BTW great blogpost