Kenya set to re-negotiate up to 13 Bilateral Air Service Agreements

The Seychelles, Mauritius and South Sudan are three of as many as 13 countries Kenya intends to review and revise bilateral air service agreements, in short BASAs, which regulate air traffic between states. Governed under BASAs are amongst other issues the number of frequencies designated airlines from both countries are allowed to fly, how many airlines can be designated to be on the route, but also often specifies the type of aircraft which can be used to operate passenger and cargo flights.
Most significant for Kenya is probably reaching a formal agreement with South Sudan to where several Kenyan airlines including Kenya Airways and Jetlink fly double daily services, but air links to the Indian Ocean islands of the Seychelles Kenya Airways presently flies three times a week to Mahe although Air Seychelles is currently not reciprocating their route rights and Mauritius could see added competition as other airlines besides the national carriers could opt under new arrangements to commence flights.
It is understood from a regular aviation source in Nairobi that the agreement with the Gulf state of Qatar is also due to be re-negotiated, while others on the list reach as far as Vietnam and the Philippines while negotiations are also still ongoing with such countries as Canada and Mexico.
The same source also added that airlines interested in flying to Kenya continue to question the opening of the new passenger terminal, added aircraft parking areas and in particular the time frame for a long overdue and much needed second runway, infrastructure facilities playing an increasing role in the decision making by airline executives when selecting new destinations. Watch this space for regular and breaking news from East Africas vibrant aviation industry.