Kenya tourism breaking news – UNWTO Secretary General to attend Kenya Tourism Award Ceremony


The famous Carnivore Restaurant’s Simba Saloon will provide a fitting setting and backdrop to the first ever Kenya Tourism Awards, due to be held on the evening of Thursday 23rd of June. The Kenya Tourism Federation, the private sector apex body for the tourism, hospitality and aviation industry, has joined hands with the Kenya Tourist Board to recognize and reward exceptional quality and commitment of stakeholders being the very best in their field and profession. A formal Gala Dinner will set the tone for the award ceremony which will be attended by none other than the Secretary General of UNWTO, his colleagues from the UNWTO Executive Council, the Minister of Tourism, the Who is Who of Kenya’s tourism, hospitality and aviation industry but also captains of other industries and needless to say the media themselves, also vying to be given recognition for regular positive reporting on sectoral developments, conservation issues and the industry in general.

The following categories of prizes will be awarded to the winning companies and individuals:


  1. Best Accommodation Facility Award
  • City hotel
  • Beach hotel
  • Inland hotel/camp/lodge
  • Less than 10 employees
  • 10 or more employees
  1. Best Entertainment Facility Award
  2. Tour Operator of Year Award
  1. Air Operator of the Year Award
  2. Domestic Tourism Award
  3. Best Tourism attraction
  4. Best Travel Management company/Travel agency


Media Awards will be presented in the following categories


  • Newspapers
  • Magazines


  • Television
  • Radio




The event has gained additional significance for the Kenya tourism industry as the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s Executive Council will in prior days meet for the first time in Kenya at a coastal resort in Mombasa and conclude their visit to East Africa’s most significant tourism destination by attending the Kenya Tourism Award celebration.

Meanwhile have earlier reports been confirmed that with the latest data now at hand Kenya is indeed heading for another record year in tourism arrivals and revenues, catapulting the sector back into the top three economic performers for the country. Ahead of the event, all the best for the organizers KTF and KTB and needless to mention, winners will be announced here on the next day for the world to see, read and appreciate the outstanding performances of those companies and individuals who the night before carried their trophies home with them.