Kenya tourism news – The hidden treasures along the South Coast

Information has reached that the extensive mangrove forests, still in existence along sections of the Kenyan coast, are now being opened up for tourists by with a kayak safari, allowing those brave enough to silently glide across the water, watch birds and fish and other ocean dwellers.
For guests staying at any of the South Coast hotels, along Diani, Ukunda and beyond, it is a relatively short access to Avicennia Island on Funzi Bay. Departure is early in the morning, but on arrival at the jump off point a Swahili breakfast is being served to steady butterfly stomachs and allow for time to get a briefing on the dos and donts as well as details on the location and what one can expect to explore.
The two seater kayaks are steered by a well versed guide and a larger boat is ever within sight to be available should one or the other wish to take a more conventional trip into the mangrove forest.
At low tide a major sand bar emerges from the ocean and guests can experience the solitude of Robinson as a simple shade is being put up to allow for some shade in the often glistening sun, reflected by the whitest of sands which glimmers spectacularly bright in the sunlight of the high noon. Here cooled coconut milk and other tasty concoctions are being served and those lucky enough to be alone can wander to the edges of the sandbank and do some skinnydipping in the ocean, away from prying eyes.
The normal days excursion ends with a visit to a fishing village at the river mouth, but special longer trips for birdwatchers can be arranged, as can be fishing trips, trying to emulate the local fishermen and bringing home a catch for the chef at the hotel to cook to order at supper time or else be eaten fresh when reaching the base camp where the staff are happy to grill it over an open fire.
A superb and innovative experience, which any resorts hospitality desk or concierge, or local tour operator will be happy to arrange for you. Magical Kenya, what else?

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