Kenya tourism news – Tourist ignores ‘no swimming’ advice in Watamu and pays the ultimate price

A tourist from Britain drowned earlier in the week off the beach in Watamu, where he went swimming inspite of strong if not categoric warnings of bad weather, high surf and off limit guidance from the hotel and officials. Kenya has in past days experienced unusually high waves hitting its beaches accompanied by torrential rain and the meteorological department and other offices concerned with public safety had issued warnings in the media to stay off the beaches. Fishermen, though some of them defied the orders, by and large also observed staying on shore due to the strong currents and difficult conditions reaching their fishing grounds. The accident was witnessed by other tourists from the beach who alerted authorities and search and rescue then was dispatched to recover the body. The unusual weather conditions have been attributed to a low pressure system over the Indian Ocean which has whipped up winds and surf but normal weather is expected to resume over the weekend.

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