Kenyan air fare wars – news update

Undeterred by pending legal action and the sound of the collective teeth gritting in the industry has Kenya Airways just launched another volley into the aviation sector?s hottest route, when introducing a new stand by fare, at Kenya Shillings 3.000 return, all taxes included.
The other airlines on the route between Nairobi and Mombasa reacted with incredulity when first confronted by this correspondent with the breaking news a few moments ago, before claiming ?I need to check this out first please before commenting? ? while ostensibly taking a deep breath and wondering what next would be cooked up by KQ?s marketing department.
The fare is available across the day, payable at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and valid in economy class only, but with presently 10 flights a day between the two cities ? there is speculation that over the peak period between just before Christmas and just after new year the airline may add yet more flights to cater for the expected traffic increase ? there is ample opportunity to actually travel, if not on the next then the flight afterwards.
The fare wars have brought smiles to the faces of travellers and hotel and resort owners at the Kenya coast, as more and more people will be taking advantage of such fabulous offers while they last, while the accountants at other airlines will be scratching their heads and getting into strategy sessions to determine counter moves. Meanwhile so it does appear as if KQ?s new aggressive pricing and frequency strategy is bearing fruits as more and more travellers are making it on their flights between the coast and the capital, while the other airlines on the route are putting on a brave face, playing down the impact of these measures by ?the Pride of Africa? on their own flight occupancies and bottom lines. Watch this space for the latest and most up to date information from the East African ?skies?.

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