Kigali rolling out street signs across the city


The recently witnessed start of putting up street signs in Kigali, Rwandas capital city, is expected to make trips across the city easier, not just for visitors but according to locals also for residents of the city.
A Google Map exercise started a few months ago has also rolled out according to plan and the new road signs are in due course the signage is expected to be complete by the end of the year to be integrated into Google Maps of the city. It was also learned that The Eye, Rwandas premier entertainment and tourism guide will update their own map in the centre of the magazine to reflect a grid pattern and street names / locations as is already the case with the sister magazine published in Uganda.
The Google Map roll out, which commenced at the end of March, is ongoing and done in conjunction with the Rwanda Development Boards Tourism and Conservation Department, which was keen to see the countrys tourism attractions become more visible for virtual tourists but also for those actually flying into the country and depending on Google Map technology on their iPads and other gadgets to find their way around the country.
The Kigali street sign project is expected to cost well over 1 million US Dollars and will eventually be duplicated in other towns across the country. New trends and new technologies, be sure that Rwanda is at the forefront in using and applying those.