Kisumu … Kenya’s lake side city

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Kisumu; a City of Nourishment

A gorgeous city in Kenya is home to the beautiful Lake Victoria; the world’s second largest fresh-water lake and source of the mighty river Nile. This lakeside city is located in the western part of Kenya. The name was derived from the Luo word “Kisuma” or “Kisumo” which means “a place to look for food”. If you are looking to catch a boat ride, then this urban hub will most likely surpass your expectations with beautiful sceneries and excellent aquatic life. The city hosts the railway line that connects Kenya to Uganda which makes it the perfect place for cross-border trade to flourish.

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Apart from serving as a gateway to Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo and Burundi, the cosmopolitan city has rich sugar and rice irrigation industries. The abundance of these national resources contribute to the national economy. It experiences two rainfall seasons in year however and is generally a hot and humid place because it is located just next to the lake. People there are very receptive and they show a strong love for people, music, dance and good food.

Kit Mikayi

This naturally-occurring enigma consists of a large rock with three rocks on top. It is located along Bondo Road. Kit Mikayi means “stones of the first wife”. There are two versions of the story of how this came about. The first is that that Mikayi (first wife) went up there to cry when her husband took a second wife and has been weeping ever since. The second version is that a man named Ngeso used to like staying there. His first wife (Mikayi) used to bring his breakfast and lunch to him. Whenever she was asked where her husband was she would say he had gone to his first wife. It is also a religious pilgrimage for the Legio Maria sect.

Kisumu Museum

If you love a little bit of history then this is the place to be. It was established in 1980 with a series of traditional pavilions that look similar to the Luo homesteads. Some pavilions have fish from Lake Victoria others contain mambas (crocodiles), spitting cobras, puff adders, weaponry, jewelry, and farm tools.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

If you have not set foot in this sanctuary, then you are yet to experience the offerings of this urban haven. This is home to several herds of impala among other grazers. The park also hosts hippos as well as reptiles and birds. Additionally several baboons and leopards who faced difficulties of living in the wild are well protected in their cages.


You can treat your taste buds to an interesting food journey whether you are looking for traditional delicacies such as ugali and fish or quail, smoked meat or the famous sardines locally referred to as omena. If you do not want to eat the local food you can always get all sorts of international cuisines. When it comes to food, Kisumu does not disappoint. The nightlife is also excellent.


Visit Kibuye or the Main Market – it is certainly among the largest markets in Kisumu. The market is open throughout the week, with Sunday being the main market day. Whether you are curious or just looking for essentials, it is definitely worth a stroll around. It also has large shopping malls and supermarkets such as Nakumatt and Tuskys which are open on daily basis.


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Fun fact

About 8km from Kisumu city, you will find Kisumu Heronry – a birdwatcher’s paradise.


It is generally a very safe place as far as the city are concerned.

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