Know a Mover & Shaper in travel? Nominate her or him NOW!

Amadeus Connect asks: Do you Know a Mover & Shaper in travel? Nominate him or her NOW!


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Nominate a ‘Mover & Shaper’ and win

2016 has been an exciting year in travel and technology. That is why we have decided to celebrate and recognise our partners in Africa for their role in the travel technology space. But, we need your help!

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Amadeus East Africa gives back!

At Amadeus we are all about connecting to the community. East Africa has worked on some exciting CSR initiatives across the region. Find out what we’ve been up to. We hope it inspires you to give back too!

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Jeddy Genrwot a budding tech’preneur from Rwanda

We had an e-interview with Director and Developer at Yoza and Sub-editor at PC Tech Magazine. "I strive every day to make a giant accomplishment someday." Get to know Jeddy a little better.

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Amadeus explores opportunities in Malawi

In September, the entire management team from the East Africa ACO headed south to Malawi for some much needed relationship building. Here’s to growing opportunities.

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Kenya leads Africa in air transport growth

Kenya had the highest increase of airline traffic in Africa over the last one year, following major conferences hosted in the country and a recovering tourism sector.

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Amadeus Selling Platform Connect – What EA travel agents have to say

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