KWS Board appoints Leitoro as Acting CEO


The Board of Trustees of KWS has yesterday announced that Mr. Peter Leitoro, who held the position as Director for Security at KWS for the past 7 years, has been appointed to act as Chief Executive of the organization until a new substantive Executive Director will be appointed.

Dr. Julius Kipng’etich had last week announced his resignation after 8 years in the job, and while he almost immediately denied intentions to join politics, something heavily speculated over in Kenya, he claimed to leave the post to follow personal interests in the future.

KWS is presently engaged in an all out struggle with a sharp increase in poaching and Leitoro’s former position will equip him well to think up a new approach to the menace, which has cost the country dearly last year with both elephant and rhinos targeted by criminal gangs acting on commercial scale orders from China and the Far East for blood ivory and rhino horn.

All the best to Peter Leitoro in coming months while all eyes will now also watch the process of finding a new wo/man for the job.

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