Kyaninga Lodge publishes calendar for charity sporting events in 2023


(Posted 07th March 2023)



Uganda’s Kyaninga Lodge, already well known for their past sporting activities and support – prior to the pandemic – has just published a calendar of sporting events sponsored by them, themed ‘Ride the Rift‘ and Run the Rift‘, obviously meaning the Rift Valley which Westernmost arm is located in Uganda along the border with Congo.

Ugandan participants will get a 25 percent discount on the registration fees, as long as they register by the 31st of March.



The three different race dates are for the bike race on the 01st of April – no April Fools Day joke – the 20th of May which will be the Kyaninga Triathlon and the 11th of November which well be ‘Run the Rift‘. For the bike race will two routes be on offer of 65 kms and 95 kms – the latter named the ‘Beast Route‘ – respectively.

Visit their website for more information about the various events via the main page or directly their charity events page via