La Digue wins Seychelles Carnivals’s first cultural trophy ahead of Cambodia and Zambia

La Digue Island wins the first prize for best cultural float in the 2015 edition of the Seychelles Carnival International de Victoria 2015

La Digue scooped the best cultural float in the 2015 edition of the Seychelles Carnival International de Victoria.

It was the President of Republic of Seychelles, Mr James Michel who presented La Digue with its Tom Bowers gold trophy.

Chantal Ghislain, the elected member of National Assembly for La Digue who received the trophy on behalf of the team which put the float together, said the 50 participants worked tirelessly to accomplish their goals.

We’ve merged the elements of culture, aesthetic and innovation to build a float showcasing what goes on the La Digue jetty‘.

For the first time did the Seychelles introduce a cultural float award scheme in the 5th edition of the Carnival International de Victoria.

Cambodian float showcasing Pailin Peacock, Ramayana and Aspara dances came out second and Zambia settled in the third position.

Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture congratulated La Digue Island for being innovative and for their determination to get their island seen by the world.
He said: ‘La Digue is dependent on tourism as their main industry. It is tourism that helps the economy of the island and that put money in the pocket of so many Diguois. It was so good to see La Digue come forward and get the world press to recognize them as a tourism island in their own right. Others have missed the boat once again and will now see themselves lagging behind La Digue in this completive world of tourism‘.

Being a La Diguean himself was the Minister surely forgiven by the spectators when he spoke with added pride as he acknowledged and called up the winners to receive their trophy.