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(Posted 14th April 2022)

March Edition 2022

WATEREMU-SACCO Promoting Food Security in  the Greater Laikipia Region
The Sacco so far has a membership 300 and has assisted the installation of 31 water pans since its inception. The total volume of water secured so far is 22 million liters.

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El Karama
Infusing World Class Tourism with Sustainability

El Karama Lodge is one of the founder members of our association, and they have remained LTA members consistently over the years.
At the lodge, you can enjoy numerous activities such as; Walking Safaris, Day and Night Game drives, Fly camping, Horse riding, Fishing, Swimming, Farm visits and so much more. 

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Educating the Il Ngwesi Community through Tourism
Beneficiaries of the Il Ngwesi bursaries have become successful actors in the Il Ngwesi community and the Laikipia landscape as a whole. The current Il Ngwesi chair, Kip Ole Polos, was a bursary recipient. Lestan Kimiri, the Ilmamusi CFA manager, is also another beneficiary. 

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Grass Seeding

The Journey Towards Land Restoration Continues
Land restoration is at the core of Laikipia’s future and its rangelands. This approach to restoration has the great potential to restore the degraded rangelands.  Il Ngwesi and Lekuruki community members are optimistic about this effort saying that it will go a long way to promote cohesion among them.

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Creating a Business Environment for Dupoto Bee Keepers Cooperative

Dupoto membership has now grown to 350 from the initial number of 270 members at the inception of this program. Honey collection points have been agreed by members and this cooperation is leading to a unity of purpose. With an increase of bee hives from 2,700 to 3,100, the Cooperative has managed to harvest a total of 120 Kilograms of quality honey so far.

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IL Ngwesi Community Conservancy Endorses Carbon Fund Projects and Looks to the Future
Through the Northern Rangeland Trust, a total of 14 conservancies have been awarded Kshs 36.6 Million towards climate change mitigation. As per the requirements of the carbon oversight committee at the NRT, a quorum of 70% at an AGM is required for any agenda to be passed. This requirement was met at the general meeting on the 25th of March 2022.

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The International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists

Productive rangelands and pastoralism have great potential to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists represents an opportunity to raise international awareness on these issues of global concern.

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Ol Pejeta

The Best Place to See Black Rhinos 
in East & Central AfricaIf you want to see big and beautiful black rhinos in the wild, this is a good time to head to Ol Pejeta. The conservancy is home to the largest population of black rhinos in East and Central Africa and 75% of the black rhino population in Kenya.

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How Conservancies Drive the Economic and Environmental Agenda in Laikipia
Stakeholders working in the conservancy space within Laikipia continue to embrace the fact that a clear and collaborative approach towards conservation efforts is the key to conservation sustainability.

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Photography for a Cause

Promoting Conservation Education through photographyWild Shots Outreach’s aim is to engage young people from disadvantaged communities in wildlife and wild places through photography. The program focuses on teaching new skills, providing a “focus” and introduction to the natural world and helps inspire and raise the aspirations of these learners – the conservationists of tomorrow.

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