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Conservation Progress in Mukogodo

Conservation and the protection of life and livelihoods took steps forward over the last month.

A workshop at Loragai Community Forest Association (CFA) Offices in the beginning of May discussed the progress on the Disney funded activities.

The meeting brought together the area chief, grazing committees, group ranch representatives, and the rangeland coordinators of 3 group ranches (Makurian, Lekurruki and IL Ngwesi). All are are beneficiaries of the first phase of the Disney funded project.
The workshop showed progress in the implementation of Disney Project -and illustrates a growing capacity of Il Mamusi CFA and participating conservancies to reduce Human-Elephant Conflict and Human-Wildlife Conflict in and around Mukogodo forest

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The Opuntia Cactus Meets Its Match

Opuntia species have been present in Laikipia for over 50 years. These species were initially introduced for ornamental and live fencing purposes. However, over the past 15 years, some of these species have spread and become aggressively invasive, covering hundreds of acres of land .

To control the plant species, the Laikipia County government mobilized stakeholders who had previously been involved in control and eradication of Opuntia, to begin addressing this menace.

At a meeting held on May 22, 2018 at Twala Cultural Manyatta , representatives from 10 group ranches in Naibunga, Laikipia Wildlife Forum, Groots Kenya, Borana Conservancy, ICRAF, Mpala Research Centre,Laikipia Perma-Culture, Northern Rangerlands TrustRegional Centre for Mapping and Remote Sensing, Laikipia County Government, and Ol Jogi Conservancy met to discuss effective ways of controlling the spread of the invasive species.

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Laikipia Tourism Association-
Membership & Registration

The Laikipia Tourism Association (LTA) is launching its membership drive in a move that will see the association bring together more than 100 tourism service providers.

Everyone’s invited – Hoteliers, tour operators and travel agents, first food outlets, coffee shops and restaurants, souvenir and gift shops, homestays and Airbnb operators, lodges, campsites, wildlife conservancies and other destinations……You are legible to join the LTA membership!

The association represents the Laikipia tourism industry at county, national and regional levels on matters impacting tourism. LTA’s intention is to ensure Laikipia is recognized as the most diversified, sustainable tourism destination in East Africa.

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In Case You Missed It!
Ngusishi WRUA Chairperson Muriithi Muthuri explains to attendees about water harvesting methods and how the WRUA is using common intake for sustainable use of rivers. This was during the Mt Kenya ASK Show.