Last Air Seychelles crew graduate from type conversion course at the Etihad Aviation Academy in Abu Dhabi


The final batch of overall 66 Air Seychelles cabin crew have now completed the type conversion training to Airbus aircraft, after previously holding type certification for the B767-300.
Air Seychelles, now a partner of Abu Dhabis national airline Etihad, however has since the 40 percent share acquisition by Etihad switched from Boeing to Airbus and is now operating an A330-200 on the long haul routes while an A 320 is serving shorter routes such as Mauritius. A second A330 will be joining Air Seychelles by either the end of this year or in early 2013, then being deployed on direct flights to Chinas capital Beijing.
Cockpit and cabin crews have been undergoing training at the Etihad Aviation Academy for several months now and were after graduation deployed alongside Etihads own crews on Airbus to gain inflight experience before returning to the Seychelles for deployment at home.
Present at the conclusion of the specially devised 25 day course was Cramer Bell, CEO of Air Seychelles and senior Etihad staff as well as the Seychelles Minister for Labour Mrs. Edith Alexander as a special guest, representing the archipelagos government. She said on the occasion: I am pleased to congratulate you on your successful completion of this very demanding programme. We trust that you have seen rewards for your hard work and will bring the iconic Creole warmth to your role as ambassadors of the Seychelles. Your country is very proud of you
In response Mr. Cramer Bell was quoted as having replied: This is a milestone in the revitalisation of the Air Seychelles brand. With the training of our cabin crew now complete, we will be ready to welcome the Airbus A330 to our fleet with the personality and professionalism of world-class Creole service. Congratulations again to the 12 exceptional crew graduating today. We look forward to seeing you on board the A330 very soon.
It was also learned that future crew training will be conducted at the Etihad Aviation Academy in Abu Dhabi, making use of superior facilities there and allowing for cost savings through synergy.
Happy landings to all the Air Seychelles crew members now qualified to fly on the A 330 and the A320 aircraft and looking forward to flying with you soon again.

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