Laurier Hotel & Restaurant on Praslin suffers fire damage


Information was received from the Seychellois island of Praslin, that an accidental fire, caused reportedly by a neighbour of the Laurier Hotel who carelessly burned rubbish in his back yard, seriously damaged 6 of the hotel’s cottages. As luck in this misfortune had it did the nearby Praslin airport fire brigade rush to the scene to assist the staff of the hotel and their colleagues from the nearby Paradise Sun Hotel to put the fire out before it could cause greater damage to the hotel or spread to other resorts close by.

Fire fighting is one of the elements regularly trained among hotel staff across the Seychelles islands and has born fruits in past fires on the main island of Mahe, where such preparedness as well as an almost instant reaction from the fire brigade helped to limit damage to resorts when fires broke out. The Thursday afternoon blaze was brought under control within the hour according to the source but the hotel will need to assess the damage first before rebuilding and reopening the affected cottages. No one was injured in the fire and no property of guests was lost or damaged according to the information obtained since the first report was received yesterday.