Likoni Ferry again involved in run away truck accident


Saturday morning brought the memories of the gruesome ferry accident of two weeks ago back to the forefront, when yet another lorry failed on Saturday to climb the steep ramp, the driver lost control and started rolling back towards the ferry before crashing into it.

The truck was according to reports we got quite overloaded. That is a matter of great concern as some vehicles are not roadworthy with weak brakes and other technical faults. On top they overload the lorries. Such vehicles should never be allowed on the ferry and police must step up vigilance and pull such vehicles out of the queue and stop them from trying to go on the ferry. That accident two weeks ago was due to brake failure and cost many lives and injured too many. The ferry CEO should also watch his mouth from shooting off. He talks too much than man. How can he call this incident a ‘normal accident’ as if there were abnormal accidents too. Why is he still in the job by the way after all the strikes he caused with his bad staff relations’ narrated a Mombasa based source soon after this correspondent arrived in Nairobi.

The affected ferry, MV Harambee, was out of service for the duration of the rescue operation during which the lorry was eventually towed off and then needed to be assessed for damages before returning to service.

The Mombasa based tourism industry is using the present general election campaign to press home their demands for an early and accelerated construction of the planned bypass road, which would connect the highway from Nairobi and the Moi International Airport to the South Coast by road and finally give tourist operators and traders a direct route without having to cross the treacherous channel but even under the best scenario that new connection will not be ready before probably 2016. Until then, the Kenya Ferry Services it is and when using it everyone holds their combined breath until safely on the other side. Watch this space.

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  1. This is a concrete proof that negligence can cause a lot of trouble it’s better to follow strictly the do’s and dont’s, safety rules and standards to avoid unfortunate incidents to happen.