Likoni Ferry may face yet more disruptions


There are growing indications that staff at the Kenya Ferry Services, reportedly disgruntled over the company’s failure to pay up all outstanding dues, may return to strike action this coming Friday.

The tourism trade, hard hit at the last full day strike and forced to take detours of up to 100 kilometres across partly atrocious roads, are said to be closely monitoring the situation and are using personal contacts with staff at the ferry company to initiate an early warning system for South coast resorts, to ensure that tourists are not missing their departure flights home or in turn forewarn arriving tourists of delays in reaching their hotels.

A regular source from Mombasa in fact attributed much of the problems to the continued presence of Kenya Ferry Services Managing Director Hassan Musa, whose relations with staff and union representatives reportedly deteriorated beyond repair and it would be no surprise if, should another strike due to nonpayment of agreed arrears indeed take place, his removal would become part of the demands too.

There are reports that even office staff and middle management may participate in a new strike, should it come to this, as the amount in question, over 1 billion Kenya Shillings, appears beyond the company’s immediate financial resources to raise until Thursday evening. Watch this space for updates.

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