Likoni ferry passengers crushed to death by out of control trailer truck


News are just breaking from a source in Mombasa that a lorry, losing the breaks and subsequently control over the vehicle, rammed into passengers at the Likoni side ferry ramp, killing at least 11 instantly while scores of others suffered serious injuries and had to be evactuated by the Kenya Red Cross and other emergency services to the hospitals in Mombasa.

Rescue efforts are underway as more victims are thought to be trapped below the huge trailer truck, which was carrying a loaded container.

From initial reports it would appear that no tourists were involved in the accident, as they, like all other bus passengers, have to leave their vehicles before boarding the ferry and can only re-enter their bus when back on terra firma. While this piece of news was welcomed by the source, a senior stakeholder in the tourism industry, he nevertheless decried the loss of lives and the injuries inflicted on scores of ferry users this Saturday morning when he said: ‘No one is blaming the Ferry company for this. There have been incidents before, but not one so serious. The ramps are steep and any vehicle using the ferry should be mechanically sound and safe, brakes working, engine working so that they don’t get stuck or crush cars and pedestrians when brakes fail. This is a dark day for Mombasa because we lost so many people in one accident and my colleagues and I pray for those in hospital that they can completely recover and not remain crippled for the rest of their lives’.

This correspondent too extends deepest condolences to those who lost relatives and friends in the accident and sends best wishes to those now in hospital.

3 Responses

  1. Its an unfortunate disaster at Likoni. Just goes to show that the bypass road should be built very urgently to reduce the traffic at the ferry. On another note, I just wish to point out that the authorities these days are not very strict about passengers sitting in cars as they cross the ferry. I’ve actually seen tour vans on the ferry with tourists sitting inside.

  2. Tragic indeed. Hopefully a long term solution for road bypass will be vigorously pursued. Tourism wise it is certainly bad news, but again hopefully it will soon come to pass.