Likoni Ferry services halted by accident


News breaking from Mombasa speak of a heavy truck loaded with oil products having crashed into the ocean at the Likoni ferry crossing about an hour ago, causing the suspension of already fragile operations following the go slow of the staff. The brewing dispute which also spread into the political arena yesterday when embattled transport minister Amos Kimunya stuck his head into the fray, had already resulted in significant delays for locals and tourists crossing the Likoni Channel, and the accident this morning is expected to halt operations for a longer period of time.

Arriving and departing passengers, from or to the south coast enroute to the international airport, will be bracing for missed flights again, while those with hospital appointments, business meetings or else going for studies, will need to reschedule and be patient. \

There is no end in sight of the simmering labour dispute according to a regular source from Mombasa, as in particular the CEO of the company has allegedly made inflammatory statements not helpful to reaching a negotiated settlement. Tour operators are now seeking to use a more distant route branching off from the main Nairobi to Mombasa highway via the Shimba Hills and Kwale, but adding extra driving time and added expense.

Kenya is at present experiencing a series of public sector strikes, involving of late teachers, university lecturers and doctors, and the labour dispute between the ferry service workers and their union and the management of the company is just one more of such cases. Watch this space to learn when services have been restored and an agreement been reached between staff and management.