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Six Best Travel Tips for Couples

It’s said a family that prays together stays together, I think we wouldn’t be so wrong to throw in a making of our own; a couple that travels together, grows together. However, this does not by any means spell nirvana, bliss and seamless globe trotting for lovebirds; instead it points to the vital ingredients that make for perfect travel partners in love. Top on the agenda is to let each kick own travel fantasies and live their dreams; if lying by the pool makes perfect beach experience for Madam, please do not deny her the fun. Equally, if “dangerous zones” such as swimming with the sharks, speed boating and surfing the waves raises the conqueror gene in him, take a seat and let The Man be. Lillian Gaitho today lists a few tips to ensure you board in love and come back even more struck by cupid.


#1 Compromise

While on the road as a couple, the old advice on compromising is even more important. Partly because you are away from the familiar and also because you are traveling as a team; any ill feelings can blow up and end up spoiling the whole experience. However, compromise does not mean sacrificing your own dreams for the other half, rather points to the need to consider each other’s objectives and find a middle ground. You will definitely find fun in new experiences and your other half also enjoys new exposures that can only be achieved through teamwork.

#2 Path to Discovery

Again, getting away from the usual is a great time to discover your partner’s fears, cares and their endurance in high-tension situations. While embarking on couple trips, open a new page and be ready to discover little new things about them. Be patient enough to take in new traits as well as allow your partner to catch up with new facets that they may have not experienced before. Remember, more often than not, you will also be learning new things about yourself; and may as well need to give yourself a ‘break’.

#3 Communication

Communicating truthfully with your partner is key in conquering any set objectives of your journey together. For instance, you should aim to communicate any dissatisfaction or disappointment right away as opposed to bottling up anger as this will definitely dampen your wanderlust spirit. Remember, what you need most especially on terrains and high endurance challenges is each other’s support and cheer, sulking is a NO!

#4 Me-time on the Road

Traveling as a couple should not be seen like some form of imprisonment whatsoever; it’s perfectly normal to wander off on your own and just get in touch with yourself. Some time alone is important for recharging, as well as acquiring new experiences that you’ll be happy to share with your partner. So, do not feel guilty about wanting an hour or two away from your loved one, instead, aim to build up new experiences and compare notes when you join-up.

#5 Open up to Other Travelers

Even when on honeymoon, getting locked up in your room throughout your stay is not a very brilliant idea; there’s a whole big world to explore beyond the four walls of your suite. Open up to other travelers in the common areas, participate in discussion, take part in group activities and generally socialize. This is a great gateway to not just learn from others, but also share your experiences beyond this particular journey. For instance, hotels in the Masai Mara region are known to organize safari drives across the various conservancies. You can take advantage of such trips to interact with other guests, as opposed to booking isolated couple drives, bonfires and nature walks.

#6 Ride and Let Ride

Your partner may not be a skilled driver as you are, but it’s definitely in good faith to let them feel their skills are also needed and appreciated on the road. Give each other a chance to feel needed and an integral part of the trip’s success. That said, it’s also important to know when to take a step back and let your trusted other steer your canoe to calm waters in times of turbulence.

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