Luxury Through A Lens: Introducing our ILTM Africa Exhibitor’s Photography Competition

(Posted 27th September 2022)

What is luxury to you?

A Louis Vuitton Jenga set or your own private island à la Tyler Perry? In the 16th century, the ultimate splurge for the well- heeled was round, rare and tasty – the now-humble orange.

History is full of examples of scarce items that became status symbols for the rich and famous. From tea to tobacco to ostrich feathers, the high price tags attached to these items defined what it meant to be
wealthy and successful.

Let your imagination go wild!

No matter what your definition of luxury is, there are probably certain things that you would
consider to be indulgences. Maybe it’s something more abstract, like feeling safe or having
free time. As an exhibitor at ILTMA your image could reflect a once-in-a-lifetime experience,
a decadent meal enjoyed on your travels, or that “feeling” of the finest linen in a beautiful

To celebrate the launch of ILTM Africa in April 2023, we are inviting exhibitors to submit
images inspired by our theme, “What Luxury Means To You”.

Whether you’re a photo junkie, snapper or a professional, your photo should be an exciting
answer to this question from your one-of-a-kind viewpoint.

The winning image will be awarded the prestigious prize of ILTMA Luxury Photo of the Year.
The material will be prominently exhibited at the show, with further exposure on social
media platforms and event collateral.

Enter the ILTMA Photography Competition!

To enter, send a digital version of your photo to
Email subject line: “What luxury means to you”.
Resolution: at least 300dpi or 1mb.
Title: Give your photo a title
Your details: Your full name, email address and contact number.

Entry deadline: Entries will be accepted from 01st of October 2022 until 28th of February 2023.

Terms and Conditions: By entering the 2023 ILTMA Photo Contest, you acknowledge that ILTMA and
its partners may use your image for non-commercial purposes in print, social media, websites, blogs
and other platforms related to the ILTM event. You acknowledge that you will not be entitled to any
compensation for the use of this image.

Your comments are welcome and will receive a response in due course.

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