Masai Mara airstrips open again as Nanyuki follows suit on Sunday


(Posted 23rd March 2018)


Air Kenya earlier today confirmed that they will once again begin to serve the airstrips in the Masai Mara which over recent days were closed due to weather related runway conditions.
The airline also confirmed that Nanyuki will be served again with scheduled flights from Sunday, 25th of March.
Passengers who had rebooked already to the named alternative airstrips are requested to contact the airline again and have their landing / pick up location amended to their preferred site closest to their lodge or tented camps.
The airline also stated that should the weather conditions worsen again several airstrips across the country could be affected and while endeavouring to give immediate updates to the public, decision not to fly to any particular field will be based purely on safety considerations and can be taken before the public has been informed.

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