Mauritius news – Spared by cyclone the island gets much needed rains

While spared the onslaught of a recent cyclone, which passed Mauritius well off shore, the island was nevertheless at the receiving end of heavy rains. A regular source however saw the positive side of this weather as in his words at least our water reservoirs can start to fill up again and the rivers carry full water loads. We had some serious drought issues in the past year or two and water rationing was spreading, so the rains the cyclone brought are good. And best is we were spared a direct hit by the storm. That would have been very bad as we have seen in the past. But thankfully we only got the rain and not the associated damages. We are sorry for our tourists because of the high winds and ocean swells but apart from that they still can have a good time on Mauritius and none of the resorts has reported any damages.
The source also confirmed that there were no significant power outages on the island as cyclone Giovanna passed Mauritius last week.

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