Mauritius news update – Isla Mauricia joins Africa Travel Association


ATA last week accepted the membership application of Isla Mauricia, as the first private sector member from the island, and hopefully opening the door for more members to join one of Africa’s foremost promotional bodies, based in New York. That would lead to the option to create a formal chapter of the ATA on Mauritius, where private and public sector could then partner with ATA to promote  the island’s tourism attractions in particular in the US and Canadian markets, where a huge market potential exists but is hardly tapped into until now.

Details about Isla Mauricia are found via or else follow them on Twitter via @isla_mauricia where regular updates on the ‘going ons’ about Mauritius’ tourism industry can be found. Other regular event updates also come via @constancehotels, two good sources about news from this Indian Ocean island, considering that Mauritius’ tourism has not fully embraced the new media or worked the press in a similar fashion like other ‘vanilla islands’ have in recent years. Constance Hotels and Isla Mauricia, clearly ahead of the pack. 


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