Mauritius set to crack down hard on polluters

The Ministry of Environment in Port Louis has spoken out against polluting the ocean around the island through careless practices and mismanagement of amongst others sewerage facilities, when it became known that a local treatment plant let a spill run into the sea near Baie du Tombeau. Environment Minister Deva Virahsawmy reacted to the reports with an announcement that more spot patrols would be deployed and tighter controls be affected to improve monitoring and shorten reactiontime. The Minister also demanded a change of mindset and declared that ocean pollution and dumping could no longer be tolerated while reminding of the fines and prison terms which in the case of repeat offenders could reach, depending on the severity of the case, up to 8 years.
Said a regular contributor from Port Louis when asked about the circumstances surrounding the development: Mauritius is a holiday destination which depends on its ocean environment. Crystal clear waters beyond our beaches are vital to attract tourists and bring them back for repeat visits. Fishing is big business, not just deep sea fishing by tourists but the fishing industry overall. It all depends on clean waters, free of pollution and the tourist industry of course supports any measures to give more protection to our environment. Two weeks ago I told you about the plans to tap into eco tourism with new trails and hikes across the forests and the island. Those also need a clean environment. Offenders must be cited, must be made to pay for clean ups and fined.
Well done to the environmentalists on Mauritius but do keep up the pressure and vigilance.