Mauritius set to tap eco tourism market by 2013 with new trails and hikes


Information has been received from a regular source in Port Louis / Mauritius that the Ministry of Tourism is discussing with other government departments and agencies a complete facelift and overhaul of trails and hikes across the island, with the aim to offer greater attractions to tourists coming to Mauritius for such eco friendly activities. From what I have found out there will be a fresh approach to this segment of tourism and by 2013 new facilities, trail markings, rest stops, bird spotting places and interpretative material will be available the source wrote in an email overnight. Mauritius is mostly known for beach vacations at some very luxurious resorts but with a wide range of accommodation options available and received nearly 1 million tourists last year.
However, tapping into the eco tourism market is bound to increase visitor numbers and will get tourists out of the resorts to visit forests and hike trails across the island, giving them a greater insight into what Mauritius really has to offer besides splendid beaches, great diving and fishing and excellent resorts.
At least five, possibly more areas on Mauritius are targeted for such investments even though no details are available right now for possible private sector participation in the scheme.
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