Mauritius’ St. Regis finally opens


Long awaited has the St. Regis Mauritius finally opened its doors, adding a new dimension of bespoke luxury to the islands’ already impressive list of top rated resorts.

Comprising 172 suites and rooms the resort is located at a prime location near the Le Morne UNESCO World Heritage Site, which will give visitors that added bonus of coming as close to one of natures’ own marvels as is possible. The St. Regis Villa has been described by a regular source from Port Louis as ‘out of this world’ best describing the kind of facility, private pools and Spa included, guest ready to spend an extra dollar, or a thousand, can expect. The food too will be raising high expectations as the kitchen is lorded over by Michelin starred chef Atul Kochar, with a total of 6 dining options available to guests.

The St. Regis is owned and operated by global hospitality giant Starwood Hotels and Resorts with the St. Regis luxury brand represented on all continents.

Meanwhile are forecasts emerging projecting only a marginal 1.4 percent growth of tourism arrivals and corresponding revenues for next year, according to figures releases by ‘Analysis Africa’ which has been looking at the expected performance of the Indian Ocean islands. While this was acknowledged by the source in Port Louis it was also pointed out that individual occupancies of resorts on Mauritius varied greatly, depending on the resorts reputation and marketing efforts undertaken, and that the additional flights by Emirates, which his moving up to double daily frequencies, would further assist to sustain growth.

Congratulations to the St. Regis team for opening in time for the festive season.