Mauritius tourism news – Government set to launch new tourism academy

The government in Mauritius appears set to launch an international tourism and hospitality academy, according to the Minister for Tertiary Education who made the announcement earlier in the week when officiating at the start of a tourism sustainability conference.
The meeting drew participants from 20 countries in the wider region and the theme was: Embracing Social and Economic Change The Influence and Role of Tourism. Notably in attendance were representatives from Bedfordshire University from where technical support and assistance is expected for the new institution, ensuring relevant high quality courses and globally recognized diplomas and degrees.
It was not immediately known if the new academy will be a standalone institution or be part of the network of the universities of Mauritius. Aimed at attracting students from the wider geographical region, beyond offering new courses to students from within the country too of course, the move appears to be eying a lucrative market from the African continent where universities are often plagued by budget shortfalls and closures, impacting on the length and quality of studies and making students and parents seek alternative places abroad.
Tourism is one of Mauritius leading economic sectors and been on the upswing again following the global economic and financial crisis of 2007/8 and recent announcements by Emirates, that the airline will move from 9 to 11 flights per week by the end of the year has created an excited buzz amongst tourism stakeholders showing optimism for the immediate future inspite of fresh economic concerns in Mauritius main tourism markets.