Mauritius tourism news – Starwood’s Grand Mauritius Resort and Spa damaged by fire

A fire swept through parts of  the Grand Mauritius Resort & Spa hotel in the Balaclava area of Mauritius yesterday, prompting the transfer of all guests to a sister hotel on the island and other properties with available space to accommodate them.
The fire reportedly broke out in the early afternoon, burning the kitchen, part of one restaurant and several chalets, making a full evacuation of guests necessary. Arson on a neighbouring empty piece of land, where the fire started and spread from, is expected as a cause although it is not thought that the resort itself was targeted. No guests came to any harm or lost any of their personal property, but the damage to the hotel has been described as substantial for the affected areas. Insurance assessors are already attempting to establish the extend of the fire damage and rebuilding of the affected parts is due to go underway as soon as investigations have been completed and a workplan been approved by the owners of the resort.
Le Meridien is an upmarket resort brand of Starwood, a group best known for its global Sheraton brand.

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  1. Hi Wolfgang, its me, Dietmar from Isla-Mauricia. I haven’t been able to find much news in english about this incident so when I googled it your blog came up. You might need to correct the hotel names though. The hotel that was affected by the fire is the “The Grand Mauritian Resort & Spa” a 5 Star hotel of the Starwood group. Close by, a few kilometres away, the same group also maintains the hotel “Le Meridien Ile Maurice Luxury Hotel & Spa” a 4 Star hotel. This hotel is big and covers up to 1 Km stretched along the beach. Most of the guests of The Grand Mauritian where evacuated and placed there.

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