More good news from Kenya …

The Gamewatcher / Porini Safari Camp news letters are one of the most read items I rebroadcast on my blog. Why?
Very likely because of the quality of the stories, the often
spectacular pictures and today, for the video readers can
watch. Enjoy!

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Jambo from Gamewatchers in Nairobi!

We thought you’d enjoy our short video clip filmed last week in Ol Kinyei Conservancy in the Mara which shows what the "Conservancy Experience" for safari visitors is all about. (Click through below).

It includes stunning scenes of the sun rising over the Mara plains and footage of wildlife including lions, elephants and wildebeest plus visitors talking about their experience.

Look for the scene of the Maasai guides putting logs around a plover’s nest with eggs on the edge of the track, to stop any vehicle driving over it!

More Details & Video: The Conservancy Experience

Since this was filmed, the Travel Advisory on the Mombasa beach resorts has been lifted, so now guests can combine their safari with a broad choice of resorts on the Indian Ocean.

Do please share this with anyone who might be interested in visiting Kenya. We look forward to seeing you soon!

With best wishes,


Jake Grieves-Cook

Managing Director


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