More news updates from the Porini Safari Camps

Jake Grieves-Cook, one of Kenya’s tourism trademark names,
once again shares stories from the Porini Camps which are
worth reading! Also part of his latest news is an HD video about
what is happening in the bush around the camps. Enjoy!

An Update from Gamewatchers Safaris

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This week guests staying at all our Porini Camps have had some great wildlife viewing in and around the wildlife conservancies and I thought I’d share with you some of the sightings I had last Sunday in our Ol Kinyei Conservancy while staying at our Porini Mara Camp.

We have large numbers of giraffes in Ol Kinyei Conservancy. This is a species that is in serious decline across Africa owing to habitat loss and bushmeat hunting so it is great to see so many of them doing so well in the Conservancy.

Here is a group that I came across while on a morning drive in Ol Kinyei.


There are large numbers of wildebeest in Ol Kinyei Conservancy at present. They are part of the "Loita Migration" which is a movement of wildebeest from Kenya’s Loita Plains towards the Mara which starts a little earlier than the larger and better known migration from the Serengeti which reaches the Mara in July each year.

Below is a photo taken this week in the adjoining Mara Reserve by one of our KPSGA Silver Guides at Porini Lion Camp, William Twala, of the first of the Serengeti wildebeest which are now arriving.



While I was in Ol Kinyei, I watched two young sub-adult males of the Sampu Enkare lion pride trying to hunt. One of the young males, watched by his companion, began stalking an unsuspecting wildebeest.

S.gif d27e620f-06c9-4ace-810c-22e2d82ba147.jpg
S.gif Young male stalking a wildebeest

However, he was soon spotted by a group of others which started moving towards the lions causing them to abandon their hunting effort and to head off to where the females were, in the hope that the lionesses would make a kill for them.

Having been spotted by more wildebeest who start moving towards them, the lions abandon the hunt
The two young males then basked in the early morning sun while waiting for the lionesses to go and make a kill instead.


Continuing my drive through Ol Kinyei Conservancy, we saw 4 young cheetahs who ran down a male impala.

Cheetahs are an endangered species in Africa and Ol Kinyei is something of a cheetah hotspot as it is ideal cheetah habitat, with open savannah plains with Acacia woodland and croton bushes which gives them an opportunity to conceal themselves from the large numbers of prey species such as impala and Thomson’s gazelles which are present in Ol Kinyei.

The fourth cheetah being hissed at by the three siblings

The group of 4 cheetahs consisted of 3 grown-up cubs who have left Naborr, their mother, and who have been joined by another grown-up cub which must have recently left its mother. It must have been feeling a bit insecure on its own and has ingratiated itself into the group.

This is quite unusual and results in a bit of hissing and spitting when it shares the meal! But it does help with the hunt and with four of them they increase their chances of making a kill – in this case a male impala.

Undeterred the fourth cheetah tucks in, then they all settle down to devour the kill
More Scenes from Porini Camps

To get a good idea of exactly what guests at experience on safari at all our Porini Camps, take a look at the video clip below. It shows the sights and sounds from around our Porini Safari Camps in the different Conservancies where they are located in the Amboseli, Laikipia and Mara eco-systems (look out for the baby elephant trying to use its trunk!).

The wildlife viewing from our camps is unsurpassed at the moment and we’ll bring you more news and wildlife updates soon, including images shot by our guests.

Best wishes,

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Jake Grieves-Cook
Gamewatchers Safaris & Porini Camps

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