Morukuru Family appoint new Sustainability Manager ahead of World Sustainability Day on the 5th June


(P0sted 25th May 2023)


The Morukuru Family, who own three exclusive use properties in the Madikwe Game Reserve, have prioritised the long-term protection of this natural wilderness and are committed to furthering their conservation efforts into the future with the appointment of Shane Kloeck as Conservation and Sustainability Manager.



Having joined the Morukuru Family 9 years ago when he completed his Experiential Training for his Degree in Nature Conservation, Shane brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the role, as well as a deep passion for preserving the natural beauty of the reserve. His background work with the company’s Safaris with a Purpose initiative and former Head of Anti-Poaching aligns perfectly with Morukuru Family’s mission to promote eco-conscious tourism in the Madikwe Game Reserve.


It was an essential role for our business” said Marketing Manager, Rinse Wassenaar. “Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do and this strategic addition to the team reflects Morukuru Family’s unwavering commitment to strengthen our conservation initiatives and contribute even more effectively to the protection of the environment and the preservation of the region’s unique biodiversity.”


As the Conservation and Sustainability Manager, Shane will collaborate closely with internal departments using Weeva, the 360° sustainability management platform. Weeva assists with data collection, analytics, reporting and tracks net environment and social impact – both negative and positive – in real time, ensuring that Morukuru Family achieve their tangible conservation and sustainability initiatives. Already, Morukuru River House and Owner’s House have been solar powered since December 2022 and the recently refurbished Farm House is going off the grid and should be completely self-reliant in the next month.


Energy is a hot topic these days and I plan to reduce our energy consumption even further. Sometimes, small changes like scheduling specific machines for a different time or upgrading to eco-friendly equipment make a huge difference. For example, conventional geysers are on the way out, and new heat pump geysers will significantly reduce power usage.” said Shane.


The Morukuru Family recognises that sustainability extends beyond its own operations and is committed to driving positive change within the local community too. Shane will play a pivotal role in further developing the Morukuru Goodwill Foundation and how it can contribute further to the local school in Molatedi, as well as the wider community. One of Madikwe’s conservation success stories, Safaris with a Purpose is a uniquely crafted safari venture which offers guests the opportunity to support the local community and take part in the conservation efforts of the Madikwe Game Reserve.


The Morukuru Family have always been dedicated to sustainable tourism practices and environmental conservation but recognise there is always room for improvement. This new role ensures a critical analysis of their operations and effective implementation of sustainable practices across all areas.


My challenge is looking for ways to conserve and preserve biological and ecological resources. I am very focused on using our resources to benefit future generations. I’m excited to examine how Morukuru Family can further reduce their footprint and look for additional ways to enhance the Madikwe Game Reserve and the surrounding communities.” concluded Shane.

This initiative by Morukuru Family demonstrates leadership within the industry and their long-term ambition to bring a Conservation and Sustainability Manager to their collection in the De Hoop Nature Reserve.