#MountKenya #10to4 Mountain Bike Challenge Updates

In light of the recent countrywide alerts and events, security at the 10to4 will be increased in all event areas, for your own safety.

Gate staff at Borana Conservancy entry and at the Race Village will be recording names, details and ensuring you have a valid connection to the event, along with checking vehicles.

The Borna Gate will now be closed at 8pm every evening. We apologize for any inconvenience to your plans but we are doing our absolute best to keep you as safe as possible and keep you from getting lost.
Please be patient and cheerful with the staff, as this is for your own safety, and note this will inevitably slow down the last part of your journey to the event. Please allow extra time for any delays this may cause.

We kindly ask that you:

  • Be polite and helpful to those people doing their job to help protect you and your group.
  • Be vigilant and report any incidences or anything suspicious over the phone to 0718 235 936. Do not use this phone number for general enquiries, they should be directed to the the event manager’s number: 0741 770 789.
    Send names of people who are accompanying you by email to admin so that we can quickly associate you with your groups or families. Failure to do so will result in longer unnecessary waits!
  • If you have someone driving down to Borana Race Village after you have started your race on Saturday, please remember to add them to the list in your group.
  • If you are a sponsor or supplier coming to the event, same applies. Please give use the names and ID’s of any drivers and associates who will come into Borana to help you with the 10to4.
  • Give yourselves extra time to get to Borana whatever day you plan to arrive!
  • If you wont make it into the Borana Gate by 8pm please opt to stay in Nanyuki or Timau. Some good options include: Le Rustique, One Stop Shepherds Huts, Kongoni Camp, Pelican House and Lions Court.

We look forward to welcoming participants to this important annual fund raising event and seeing you all soon!

Statement from Borana and Lewa Conservancies

Lewa and Borana have highly trained, well-equipped and efficient rangers who work hand-in-hand with the government and the Kenya Wildlife Service to ensure that the landscape remains one of the best-protected areas in Kenya. Both properties have never experienced any threat to visitors, and are one of the few areas in Kenya that have managed to be poaching-free for five years. Our state of the art technology allows us to be well connected to other security agencies across the landscape and to the government, ensuring that we have direct and prompt access to necessary information at all times.

Statement from the Mount Kenya Trust
We understand there may be concerns about security around the region and at the 10to4 event. Security forces are on high alert in the Nanyuki and Laikipia areas, as well as the conservancies. Security is at a high level for all the protected areas that entrants pass through due to the presence of wildlife. While we cannot of course guarantee that the risks do not exist, we strongly believe them to be minimal in the areas the events take place, spread out over a vast area and tough terrain, along with a marshalled and protected bike course. We trust that you will you co-operate in full with our security teams on the ground in order to minimalize any risk at all.