NEMA halts all projects in the greater Amboseli ecosystem for a year


The conservation fraternity in Kenya welcomed the news that NEMA, the National Environmental Management Authority in Nairobi, has issued an order to halt any developments in the greater Amboseli ecosystem, allowing for greater study of the impact of some of the proposed mega projects like industrial parks and housing developments sought by the owners of large tracts of land. Information received speaks for relief for those lobbying to keep the migration spaces between the much reduced Amboseli National Park – shrunk considerably today in comparison with the maps of old from back when the ecosystem was first created – along the plains towards the Nairobi National Park and the Chyulu Hills National Park, which adjoins Tsavo West National Park.

Several consultative meetings between conservation partners, led by Kenya Wildlife Service and the Kenya Forest Service brought together stakeholders like the African Wildlife Foundation, the Amboseli Ecosystem Trust but also the Ministry of Tourism, water management bodies, the Kenya Investment Authority, the Attorney General’s office and group ranch owners representatives.

The moratorium period will now be used to further investigate the impact of proposed developments vis a vis the water table, migration routes of game and other related issues before NEMA will then be in an informed position to make a decision on pending applications. Watch this space.

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