New dimension in hospitality training comes to Kenya as Swiss Alpine joins hands with Boma Hotels


(Posted 08th March 2015)

In a breaking news announcement, which will reshape hospitality and tourism training in Kenya, has Mr. Mugo Maringa, Managing Director of Boma Hotels, just announced that his organization will partner with the Swiss Alpine Centre to launch a fully fledged College in Nairobi. The first intake is planned for May this year and the new institute will officially open its doors on the 25th of May 2015.

This extraordinary initiative was a brainchild of Mr. Maringa who found willing partners through Rainbow Unlimited, a Swiss-based private company that advises and guides SMES from Switzerland in their African business ventures, and which acts as strategic partner of Alpine Center Switzerland for Africa.

As did the opening of the Boma Hotel and the launch of the Boma Inn’s create a serious buzz in the industry at the time, will no doubt the new hospitality and tourism training college create an equal buzz, more so as the Boma Hotel and the adjoing Boma Inn, formerly known as the Red Court Hotel, will serve as the primary application hotels, giving students and their parents the assurance that they will learn at a place many rate among the top hotels in Nairobi.

Said Mugo in his email sent to this correspondent yesterday afternoon: ‘The aim of Boma International Hospitality College is to address the current and long term needs of the industry and her graduates. We shall therefore: ‘

1. Concentrate on training for specialists, not generalists; craftsmen, not “chiefs” and,

2. Allow enough time for practical training and couching in a top class hotel environment.

Our graduates will therefore be able to perform beyond their employers’ expectations from day one, and save the employer time and money that is usually spent on training new employees. This will make the graduates the preferred candidates in the job market’.

The new school will pave the way for quality education to a broader section of the population and most importantly will allow well trained Kenyans to stay in the country and help to develop the tourism industry or else seek employment abroad as expatriates, equipped with the skills needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive work place.

Mr. Maringo also confirmed that there will be two intakes every year, one in January and the second one in May. Parents and students are advised to monitor the local media for intake announcements so that students wishing to start their training at the new college do not miss out on the deadline.

Fully owned by the Kenya Red Cross Society has the 5 star Boma Hotel and the 3 and 4 star Boma Inns provided the owners with a sustained income, helping to finance emergency services and rescue operations across the entire country.

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