New routes for Safair and looking towards further connecting West and Central Africa

(Posted 14th October 2022)

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PODCAST: Previewing a new route and looking towards further connecting West and Central Africa
PODCAST: New routes on the horizon for FlySafair
In this episode, we head to west Africa, specifically Togo to speak with a friend of AviaDev  – Nowel Ngala, Commercial and Ground Operations director at ASKY Airlines, a private and profitable airline with a strategic partnership with Ethiopian airlines. 
In the podcast, we discuss why now is the right time to start services to Sao Tome and Principe, how 2022 has been overall, has the recovery been above the expected level?, fleet plans for the airline – will ASKY keep a uniform fleet? and how ASKY views the competitive market in the region, specifically the anticipated launch of Nigeria Air?
This episode was recorded live and on location at the 52nd AASA AGA, in Hermanus, Western Cape.  The Safair fleet continues to expand and the airline recently secured the right to serve 11 regional destinations.  
We spoke to Kirby Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer, Safair about the next steps – what needs to happen to make the regional routes a reality?, how airport and destination partners can support Safair to bring the airline to their destination, the fleet plans – will Safari stick with the 737 family? and how the airline partnerships that were built during Covid supported the airline’s growth trajectory.
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